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MultiDoge: up2date checkpoints file

by on Mar.27, 2024, under News

MultiDoge is a lightweight, user-friendly wallet for managing Dogecoin transactions, designed to require less storage and processing power than full-node wallets by not needing to download the entire blockchain. It implements the SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) mechanism that verifies transactions without needing the full blockchain, relying instead on network nodes to confirm transaction integrity, making it faster and less resource-intensive.

The multidoge.checkpoints file plays a significant role in enhancing both the security and efficiency of blockchain synchronization. It contains a pre-verified history of the blockchain up to a certain point. This ensures that users are working from a trusted and accurate history, reducing the risk of connecting to a malicious fork of the blockchain. It also allows new and existing users to quickly synchronize their wallets with the Dogecoin network by providing a snapshot of the blockchain at a certain point in time. This significantly reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded and verified, leading to faster wallet setup and updates.

Since it contains pre-verified data of the entire blockchain, generating this file gets more and more complex the further into the future we are. For performance reasons, it is therefore quicker and easier to download an up-to-date multidoge.spvchain instead. This API attempts to provide an up-to-date version of this file:

It is important to note that this only supports fastforwarding of the chain (i.e. if your local state is very outdated) but does not include any of the security benefits that come with the actual multidoge.checkpoints file.

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