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by on Jun.05, 2024, under News

Sometimes it might be necessary to install the latest version of a tool. rclone, for example, now comes with support for the backend. If we type the following command:

brew edit rclone

This will show us the current state of the homebrew formula for the popular rclone utility:

class Rclone < Formula
  desc "Rsync for cloud storage"
  homepage ""
  url ""
  sha256 "f9fb7bae1f19896351db64e3713b67bfd151c49b2b28e6c6233adf67dbc2c899"
  license "MIT"
  head "", branch: "master"

  bottle do
    sha256 cellar: :any_skip_relocation, arm64_ventura:  "39aa9a49dbcf777b222d6788d523360e722207d1718df2d337d898f4b9f77f77"
    sha256 cellar: :any_skip_relocation, arm64_monterey: "5a1c1ea68a70a5656a38761cbc4451b03d1b11c2911f3fb437849c62cc2c966a"
    sha256 cellar: :any_skip_relocation, arm64_big_sur:  "5a950e4afd1a24be127ad5564b5dbac78c7b30cce914126d84daed53f39a0208"
    sha256 cellar: :any_skip_relocation, ventura:        "a345442933a5fab254b9d88e22b089b235f424081c01b14507a8d76485703a24"
    sha256 cellar: :any_skip_relocation, monterey:       "63ab348c632ef73ecaa5b2900ee2daad7112908fa42b003d2db922f5a8600c68"
    sha256 cellar: :any_skip_relocation, big_sur:        "e84ae0f2a2cf4a3cc32d6520345a0d64e9c3356762bf54750c519e12541b56ab"
    sha256 cellar: :any_skip_relocation, x86_64_linux:   "76c37061cdd269636ef1012527f1d707075e98b2800b894297b2ab06f7ce23b8"

  depends_on "go" => :build

  def install
    args = *std_go_args(ldflags: "-s -w -X{version}")
    args += ["-tags", "brew"] if OS.mac?
    system "go", "build", *args
    man1.install "rclone.1"
    system bin/"rclone", "genautocomplete", "bash", "rclone.bash"
    system bin/"rclone", "genautocomplete", "zsh", "_rclone"
    system bin/"rclone", "genautocomplete", "fish", ""
    bash_completion.install "rclone.bash" => "rclone"
    zsh_completion.install "_rclone"
    fish_completion.install ""

  def caveats
      Homebrew's installation does not include the `mount` subcommand on MacOS.

  test do
    (testpath/"file1.txt").write "Test!"
    system bin/"rclone", "copy", testpath/"file1.txt", testpath/"dist"

The formula shows, that the version it would download and install is v1.61.1.tar.gz but that the HEAD is set to the master branch. So if we’re looking for the version containing the latest changes, we’d issue the command as follows:

brew unlink rclone
brew install --HEAD rclone

rclone is now installed and we may proceed with adding a new config:

rclone config
No remotes found, make a new one?
n) New remote
s) Set configuration password
q) Quit config
n/s/q> n

Enter name for new remote.
name> uloz

Option Storage.
Type of storage to configure.


Storage> ulozto

Option app_token.
The application token identifying the app. An app API key can be either found in the API
doc or obtained from customer service.
Enter a value. Press Enter to leave empty.

As instructed, let’s use the public API key from the beta page:

Edit advanced config?
y) Yes
n) No (default)
y/n> n

Configuration complete.

Afterwards, we may use the backend to, for example, list files available in the account:

rclone ls uloz:/
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